The Environment…

Supply-Chain Managers are under intense pressure to:

  • identify – and realize – cost-savings opportunities
  • improve financial and operational performance

The Need…

To meet these pressures, managers require:

  • reliable performance indicators
  • “actionable” visibility into operational behavior

The Problem…

However, most managers are handcuffed by:

  • a limited number of relevant and accurate performance measures
  • little – or no – visibility to the root causes of poor operational execution

Simply put, managers “can’t fix what they can’t see.”

The Solution…

Decision Spectrum Services (DSS) was formed specifically to address this critical need.

Through the combination of leading-edge, analytical technology and practical consulting expertise, DSS economically delivers relevant performance information that is accurate, accessible and actionable.

The DSS Service Offering allows clients to see into the key supply-chain performance drivers affecting their company’s success. This offering includes:

  1. OPTICS Services
  2. Audit Services
  3. Transportation Routing Services