Consultative services that provide clients with cost-effective solutions to optimize their supply chain processes.

Top-Line Solutions

Shipping Fee Strategy
Analyze sales and profitability to understand the optimal shipping fee structure.
Item Availability & Delivery Strategy
Analyze order-processing and delivery times to determine the best messaging for customer delivery.
Shipping Promotion Enhancement
Identify high/low performing shipping promotions and optional item eligibility.
Vendor Profitability Analysis
Detailed dropship vendor profitability analysis to identify sales and cost opportunities.

Bottom-Line Solutions

Fulfillment Network Strategy
Determine the optimal number and locations of fulfillment centers.
Peak Season Planning & Monitoring
Develop operational plans and parameters for effective peak season shipping (Ex. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and ’Last Shipping Day’).
Product Sourcing & Channel Optimization
Determine optimal sourcing, channel and seasonal options for merchandise flow (Ex. Dropship vs. Owned Fulfillment options).
Order & Carton Consolidation
Work with FCs and vendors to consolidate orders and packages to reduce expense and improve customer experience.
Parcel Zone-Skipping
Develop operational plans to reduce cost and improve transit time by moving full truckloads of packages to ‘destination parcel hubs.’